Org Chart Maker

Build, manage and share your organizational charts.
Available online and on-premise.
Free forever for small organizations.

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Org Chart Maker is no longer supported.

Please use Org Chart JS to create your own Org Chart application.

Easily craft org charts to diagram the structure of your business or design a new one. Share them with employees, teams, and stakeholders.

Available for all platforms and devices.

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Choose from a range of existing templates

Convey complex organizational structures in one clear picture with built-in templates.
Add photos, links, and staff information.
If the feature you are looking for is in the built-in templates, we will create a template
with look and feel specifically designed for you and for your organization.

API for developers. Integrate with your existing HR system.
With the API you can programmatically create, edit and delete employee/s and chart/s, also you can create and invite new user/s.

Documentation for developers