This example demonstrates how to add and highlight Assistant node. Learn more...

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First Look

Enabled features - Drag & Drop, Sub trees, Mixed orientations, Edit, Search, Assistant and many more

Edit Form

Org Chart JS build-in edit form is customizable, you can configure buttons, input elements, color etc.


Org Chart JS can be exported to PDF, PNG, SVG, CSV, JSON, XML and have build-in PDF Preview where you can select the format of the exported document, for example A4, A5 or add footer and header and add your logo on the top of the document


Grouping multiple nodes into one box saves a considerable amount of space compared with assigning each node their own box.


This example demonstrates how to add and highlight Assistant node.


This example demonstrates how to add left/right Partner/s and use custom template for them.


This demo shows how to add arrows and labels to link/s or change the color of a link


S link stands for second link, use them if you have complex relation between nodes. S links can be used if you have multiple parents.


C link stand for curved links, use them if you have complex relation between nodes. C links can be used for multiple parents.


Vertical and horizontal scrollbars are useful if you have large organization chart


BALKAN OrgChartJS support 8 orientation types, top, left, right, bottom, top left, bottom left, right top and left top.


Change the template with the top right side dropdown control. You also can define your own template, see BALKAN OrgChartJS documentation for more details.


When it comes to a large company, there are usually many departments and employees. This demo shows few layout options that help you make a better organizational chart.

Sub Levels

This example demonstrates how to set the sub level and change it with the node menu.

Conditional Color

Shows how to highlight nodes from Dev and Marketing teams. Conditional formatting quickly highlights important nodes. Adding your own formula to a conditional formatting rule gives it a power boost to help you do things the built-in templates can do.

Department Template

Shows how to implement your own template with vertical and horizontal nodes, you can use this demo as a starting point to implement your won custom template.

Advanced Usage

This demo demonstrates how to use different templates when you zoom in/out.

Smart Layout

This demo demonstrates how to build organizational chart with smart layout in order to see more nodes in one screen.

Custom template Circle

Custom circle template with Org Chart JS.

Custom color template and toolbar buttons style

Custom BALKAN OrgChartJS template with 3 node colors of nodes, customized toolbar, customized menus and customized node menus.

Custom template Cool

Org Chart JS custom cool template.

15k nodes with custom expand, collapse

This demo illustrates how to use BALKAN OrgChartJS with large number of nodes and custom Expand/Collapse.

Custom Details Form

Custom template with custom details view. Export custom details form

Custom Template Advanced

Org Chart JS dynamic template with advanced features.

Custom Template Stars

Org Chart JS custom template Stars with dynamic content.


Highlight selected node and its parents with Org Chart JS. Trace an employee's management chain.

HTML inside chart

Custom HTML inside chart element (Title and legend)

FlowChart Creator

Proccess flow creator

Performance template

Performance template

LRP (Profit Templates)

Profit Templates LRP 4 charts in one page

Levels background

Adding background for the levels


How to create Bookmarks?

Zoom slider

Zoom slider