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How to create a Org Chart JS programmatically

There are number of ways to create Org Chart JS programmatically

Using add function

Here is an example:

    chart.add({ id: 1, name: "Denny Curtis", title: "CEO" });
    chart.add({ id: 2, pid: 1, name: "Ashley Barnett", title: "Sales Manager" });

If you call draw function with OrgChart.action.init it will draw the chart based on scaleInitial and will center the graph

Using addNode function

If you add a node using addNode you will not need to call draw function


Using update function

    chart.update({ id: 4, pid: 2, name: "Updated Name", title: "Updated Title" });
    chart.update({ id: 1, name: "Updated Name", title: "Updated Title" });

Using updateNode function

    chart.updateNode({ id: 4, pid: 2, name: "Updated Name", title: "Updated Title" });

Using remove function


Using removeNode function